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address: Zagrebačka 62, 42222, Ljubešćica, Croatia

telephone: + (385) 42 623 800

fax: + (385) 42 623 320



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Commercial Court in Varaždin
OIB 37243064660
Member of the Board: Marko Mikulčić

Notice of how to file a consumer complaint
In accordance with Art. 8th paragraph 2. Consumer Protection Law (Nov. Nov., No. 79/07, 125/07 - Issue, 79/09). 89/09. - isp.), we inform consumers that complaints about the quality of our services can be delivered in writing to the following address:
Zagrebačka 62, 42222 Ljubešćica; or to the e-mail address info@kaminihoyan.hror by fax number: +385 42 623 800.
reply to your complaint will be sent in writing no later than 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.