Derived works

Collection of derivative works contain only part of the work because we have huge amounts of installed fireplaces, barbecues, and baked ovens and only managed to take and save the small number of done work. Pictures were taken by mobile phone, masks are not colored, space is filled with construction materials and tools, but it is also part of the atmosphere and show these photos in order to illustrate the atmosphere of our assembly and unfinished products. We were lucky that our longtime colleague and servicer of our products, Milorad Krunić Gero, is also a great lover of photography,so all pretty pictures of products were made in the time of a scheduled service of the fireplace when the fireplace has already heated the homes of our customers for many years, and grills inside blackened participating in the preparation of numerous family lunches.

Thank you, Gero, and thanks to our installers who, besides doing their excellent work, they manage to take pictures of installed fireplaces and barbecues, so now we can all look around and see live scores effort of the whole team.

If you’re one of the users of our products, send us a photo of your fireplace, barbecue or baked oven as you cheer each of us who participated in its creation: looking through brochures with you and chose the optimal model, drawing a 3D model according to the dimensions of your space, cut stone elements and edited product in your home.