Article published on portal  19.4. 2016.  A barbecue or garden fireplace is an indispensable part of every home. It is possible to see it equally in small and modest, as well as in luxuriously landscaped courtyards because the preparation of outdoor food is a special experience for the whole family. If you want to
Article published on portal 12.4.2016 What is a common to restaurant  Verglec in Varaždin, the hotel – the castle Gjalski  in Zabok and the restaurant 4M in Sv. Ivan Zelini? Special offer of these restaurants is made of grilled dishes prepared on Hoyan‘s barbecue with bread oven! Great culinary experts have recognized Hoyan’s barbecues as
Heating home by hot water  is not invented in modern times, the Romans used this exquisite system 2000 years ago, and today’s advanced technological solutions provide the full comfort of this heating mode with a variety of energy sources. One of the optimal solutions is heating with a fireplace, which is besides the functionality, achieved
Did you know that with your fireplace you can heat up more rooms? Install a hot air distribution system! The Tropic Air-B system is a hot air distribution system. To use the fireplace as an additional source of heat, it is sufficient to connect the pipe to the inside of the fireplace with a closed
The spanish company Arriaga started its work more than 100 years ago, mainly in the field of marble manufacturing and natural stone sales. Nearly a quarter of a century ago Ramon Arriaga, together with a group of sculptors and artists, is developing a new line of marble art. Shortly afterwards, fireplaces have begun to be
Provided it is clean and dry, almost all dry wood can be used. Energy generated by wood burning depends primarily on its weight, humidity and, to a lesser extent, the type of wood. A large piece of wood burns slower than tiny. Dry wood burns better and creates more heat than moist or greenwood. Humid
WHICH WOOD TO CHOOSE? The insert of your fireplace is designed to work only with firewood in a shape of logs of a diameter of 50 cm or more. The most commonly used types of wood are soft-lime wood, such as oak, hornbeam and beech. Pine and other resinous woods are not firewood and should
If your installation is properly carried out (especially drainage insulation), and if you follow our recommendations (especially for dry enough wood) and if you regularly keep the smoke drain (cleaning at least twice a year), there will never be a fire in the smoke drain . On the Internet you can find images of DIY
The fireplace in the house is part of the comfort and decoration. Today, the open fireplace is chosen as a function of charm (as well as the atmosphere it does) while before it used to play a role both for heating and food preparation. To ensure the good functioning of the fireplaces, certain rules have
The baking oven is a wall mounted chamber that is heated by wood. Due to the high quality materials and moderate dimensions, today the bread oven accept of bread and cakes is used for baking grilled meat and pizza. The oven is ideal grill for meat to be cooked and not to be burned. Pizza
Technical materials The basic technical materials used are: fireproof glass gypsum chamotte castable cast iron steel sand isolation knauf Chamotte The chamotte used for making  fireplaces must be particularly resistant to fire. It resists the temperature of 1200º. It can be in different shapes,such as: tiles: 2,5, 3 or 4 x 11 x 22 cm;
Located in the French region of Rhône-Alpes, AXIS develops and manufactures a luxury inserts for over a number of years.The expertise of the design and technical team is responsible for the outstanding results achieved by these inserts with their aesthetic and technical characteristics. All models of AXIS inserts can function as open or closed inserts
The flame verte (“Green Flame”), is one of the main activities of the french agency ADEME (agency for environmental protection and energy management) at the national level, was established in 2000. Its slogan: “Fast, Burns!” expresses the desire of increasing usage of bioenergy, especially wood. Enclosed fireplace hearts and inserts carrying the label “Flamme verte”
Tvrtka Brisach je vodeći proizvođač kamina u Francuskoj s tradicijom od 1961. godine.  Te godine se obrtnik i dizajner Rene Brisach specijalizirao za dizajn, proizvodnju i montažu kamina, te osnovao tvrtku. Rast radionice u Grenoble-u omogućen je prefabrikacijom elemenata i brzom ugradnjom kamina, kao i povećanjem zaposlenih. Nakon preseljenja tvrtke na Azurnu obalu u Saint

New website

2013 is for our company a period of great changes. In addition to the financial restructuring and the maintenance of the stability of the company and the strength of its brand under the pressure of the economic crisis, the new web site, as our primary source of communication with prospective clients, has undergone a complete

3D preliminary design

We have decided to show you more then 200 preliminary designs of fireplaces and bbq that we have done in last 2 year. Don’t miss this gallery.

Praise the Golub family

Today we received an e-mail which really made us happy and we want to share it with you. “We all reach for the forums when you need to point out something wrong ,someone else’s failure. While the good things should itself be something normal, this isn’t a cases in our country, so I felt the
Can you imagine luxury house without fireplace in living room?We can’t :). Dogma real estate agency in its yearbook “Dream” included the exclusive property of Rijeka and its surroundings, and on their site our top fireplaces have found their place. We have selected a few interesting places and fireplaces which warmed them, we present on
“At the awards ceremony of the Association of Croatian Architects in 2013 held on 28 April 2014 project of 3LHD made in collaboration with ECOING, House V2 , won the annual award” Drago Galic “for best achievement in residential architecture.” The house was built for famous players Mark Viduka. This news is particularly interesting to
These days we came across the news that is interesting to us, it is about selling a house whoese owner is businessman Radeljak Dikana in Dubrovnik which contain our two rustic fireplaces: an open fireplace and a second fireplace with a insert Brisach. Pictures were taken from Njuškalo, and the entire ad can be seen
This winter was quite short so many users o four bbq can enjoy preparing food outdoors. Satisfied family Fegeš sent us a picture of their bbq Aurora next to the charming wooden houses. Stones Bihacit and Travertin are surrounding chamotte insert and a slightly round shape of the concrete masks make this fireplace decorative and
New brochure Fireplace collection 2016 you can skim online or PDF . If you want it delivered on your address, leave a comment on the web form. Accept our well-known models of fireplaces you can find large offer of inserts which we install in fireplaces.

Great offer for DIY

In our offer you can find high quality quality grilles for fireplaces and BBQ, domestic production. Grilles are made out of steel, plasticized in white,grey or black color with round edges. We use them in our installation because they are good quality and easy to install. If you need additional elements for fireplaces, contact us